Losing Customers to Outlook and gMail
Question asked by Steve Guluk - 5/3/2018 at 8:07 AM
Anyone else facing an exodus to Outlook or gMail from your SmarterMail services?

The one that got me this last time was the amount of Storage offered by these other services.
This has me wondering if I could buy Amazon AWS storage to offload emails from SmarterMail. One concern is the IO robust nature of email. Is this a valid concern? Could we run SmarterMail on our usual Dedicated Servers but then store the mail on AWS?

Anyone have this same case and found a viable solution?

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Merle Wait Replied
So... we unfortunately haven't used SM for all of clients.. enough to run into a "storage" issue of data (if you will).
But we do a large amount of SaaS .. where storage is an issue... and traffic against that stored data.
For us, the real question would be .. when does it make sense to have SM spread over more than one server.. and if that is an issue.. how does one control it?   So in a word clustering .. and control of data.
Doesn't  SM17 or 16x  has where different domains can have their email stored in different locations??  
If that is true, and we were in your position.. we would just add more storage arrays.
Be interested to see how others are handling volume and data storage.

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