Outlook 2016 not refreshing inbox
Problem reported by Scott Demaret - 4/17/2018 at 10:19 AM
I recently moved a smartermail installation from one server to another, the old server was on 15.2 and I installed 15.7 on the new server. I followed the instructions to do the move from this link.
All went well except for a couple of issues.
1. The last 4-5 day of .grp files did not copy accross , is there some process that creates them each week. For example I did the move on 15th, but .grp files from 10th > 15th were missing. It was not an issue as fixed now but just wondering why.
2. The other issue is that Outlook 2016 is not automatically refreshing any new emails into the inbox. I have tested a couple of domains on the server, and unless I switch folders and back to the inbox, no new messages appear in the inbox. 
I have tested a different email account on a different server with the same outlook client, and any new messages appear within a few seconds.
Any advice welcome./...
ps. I have tried reindexing and rebuilding....

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