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Idea shared by Jens Straten - 4/10/2018 at 9:24 AM
I see a lot of cosmetic features in v17, but I was hoping to see some substantial features like subject grouping (see GMail and others) which basically groups all emails for a given subject together.
I also still believe that SmarterMail really needs its own application to make all features available on mobile platforms. I mean we are currently using BlueMail on the the mobile platform which works quite well, but some of our customers are using Zoho Mail which looks much nicer and includes features like subject grouping.
Anyhow, hope to see more interesting features soon.

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Andrea Free Replied
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Hi Jens,
Thanks for the feedback! I've brought up this request for discussion with the development team. I'll let you know what feedback I hear. 

Andrea Free
SmarterTools Inc.


Matt Petty Replied
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We have no plans at the moment for interface grouping. However, we have implemented some headers when sending replies that can retain conversation groupings. This will make sure we play well with clients that do grouping. However, at the time there are no webmail interface changes relating to grouping.
Matt Petty
Software Developer
SmarterTools Inc.
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