SmartMail 15.7 SubSpool .EML.Tmp file issue
Problem reported by Jay Altemoos - 4/3/2018 at 2:36 PM
Hello, I posted this issue under the question area, but this really needs to be posted as a problem so support can have a look at it. Here's me previous post about the situation: https://portal.smartertools.com/community/a90514/subspool-folder-question.aspx
Basically SM 15.7.6600 is not cleaning up after itself under Spool -> SubSpool folders. A bunch of XXXXXXXX.eml.tmp files are being orphaned. I discovered 30GB of orphaned files in there on 4/2/18 that dated back to 11/2017. It was 200+ files. I am kind of suprised no else has reported this issue yet. I didn't realize the issue was happening until I noticed that the space that was being reported on user mailbox usage did not quite add up to what I was seeing as free space on our Data drive where our mail is stored. The spool is on the same drive. That's when I discovered the 30+GB of orphaned files in there. Checking each SubSpool folder turns up a few orphaned files in there each day. So if someone is not paying attention to this and it happens to them, they could have a huge amount of space being taken up because SM just orphans the files. At first I may have thought the ClamAV may have taken a eml file out if it was infected, but using one of the orphaned file names I checked the same date for ClamAV under the Quarantine folder and nothing match. Looking through my logs for the same example email i found where the email was delivered. So it's a mystery as to why some emails are being orphaned and other are not.

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