ST should support emoji unicode char please
Idea shared by Bill Ogdon - 1/24/2018 at 9:36 PM
In SmarterTrack, the default encoding character set is UTF-8 but nowadays customers send their message using current emoji charset. Please update so it will display those characters  in the ticketing system. 
Currently it's just display "????" instead of the real emoji unicode. 
If the system already support it, please let me know how to configure it from my existing version. i'm using v12.x
Right now, so many tickets failed in the spool due to this bug.
thank you

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Hi Bill.  This ability is coming very soon to SmarterTrack.  It's currently possible, but it does involve a custom build along with running some SQL queries.  And this is only when using mySQL.  I believe SQL Server already supports this.
You are right Rod, this is only happen in mysql. I did some changes with sql queries. I was able to inject emoji unicode character directly to mysql database using query. Database side was done correctly, but the problem right now is in the application side (ST). I think i need that custom build, So every ticket creation from POP importing, API web services, portal, Adding message to ticket, reply the ticket, displaying the ticket, everything should support this unicode char. Including subject and body-text. 
So, if i can stay in version 12 with custom build i would be happy instead of upgrade it to v13. Should i purchase a support ticket or you can help me with another solution ? 
I saw connection string was encrypted in SystemSettings.xml, is it enough to just specify charset through connection string to support utf8mb4 or you need to recompile the whole of ST program ?
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Hi Bill.  This is that custom build for SmarterTrack 12.  Uninstall your current version of SmarterTrack 12, and then install this version.
If it's still not working after installing this, let me know and I'll send you the SQL queries I ran to get this to work.  These SQL queries will convert all required tables to utf8mb4.
Thank you Rod, this is awesome. I will try this custom build and will let you know the result. cheers.
Hi Rod, i have tried to install your custom build, but it is seems the problem still there.
I got error on Diagnostic 
Incorrect string value: '\xF0\x9F\x99\x8F</...' for column 'BodyHtml' at row 1
This is only happen with email/message that using unicode char. Others plain email / ticket already working fine. Do you have other suggestion? 
One more thing, the Brand dropdown in ticket (left top panel) become not alphabetical. Previously it was sort perfectly in alphabetic order.
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Bill. I would send an email to sales@smartertools.com, and we'll get you the SQL queries to run.
ok, thank you
Andrew Barker Replied
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SmarterTrack 14.x fully supports emoji characters when used with a MySQL database. If you are upgrading from a previous version of SmarterTrack, the MySQL database will be modified to use UTF8MB4 character encoding instead of UTF8.

Andrew Barker
Software Developer
SmarterTools Inc.
(877) 357-6278

Hi Andrew Barker, 
Thanks for your solution.
I have update the MySQL side using utf8mb4 char. I think the problem is in the smarter track itself. 
I think, if i just update the connection string inside SystemSettings.xml will it work ? but actually it was encrypted like this :
<ConnectionStringEnc>encrypted string </ConnectionStringEnc>
If i don't want to update the version, will it possible ? My SmarterTrack version is still 12.x. The reason for not upgrading it, because we have a lot of customization on external providers and we have train a lot of agent about the UI. We can not afford if any integration that we have get failed for unknown reason after upgrade the version. 

Right now i have tons of email pulled from POP3 connection that was failed in Incoming spool. This is madness. 
Every single mail that was failed contains unicode chars. Every 'retry' action just resulting an error. 

If I migrate database from MySQL to MS SQL Server, will this problem get solve ?
Please tell me solution without upgrade the SmarterTrack. You can tell me any technical detail here.

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