How to write Reg-Ex to filter ''
Question asked by Michael Robinson - 12/13/2017 at 4:48 PM
Could someone tell me how to write a reg-ex that will help me filter on emails from ""

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Scarab Replied
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The RegEx would be ^.+@126\.com>$  assuming that you are Filtering based on a Header field such as From or Reply-To.
How this breaks down is as follows:
^ begin string
. any character (other than carriage-return)
+ one or more times
@126 match string exactly
\. escape special character .
com match string exactly
> match trailing angled bracket for Header field address
$ end string
Michael Robinson Replied
thank you Scarab you are a big help
echoDreamz Replied
We have a SM server we manage that was receiving TONS of spam from various domains that were numeric only. They use a regex we provided them with very good success...

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