How to list all admin users for a domain?
Question asked by Gudmundur Unnsteinsson - 12/7/2017 at 5:56 AM
I am trying to use the web service to list all admin users for a domain.
Figured I could use GetAllDomainUsersWithProperties from svcDomainAdmin but I am unsure what values I can put in PropertyKeys.
Are there any details available on this?

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From what I can tell, the value "acceptmail" can be passed as a PropertyKey. It should return whether or not the domain is accepting mail.
Well, the GetAllDomainUsersWithProperties gives me a list of users, not domains. I have to tell it what domain I want the users from.

When I read the description I expect to be able to provide a user property to fetch, not a domain property. Both because the domain is already specified and all the users belonging to the same domain will have the same domain properties.

Logically if I wanted to check the domain for a property I would query the domain for that property and not involve a list of all the users.

Anyway, what I am trying to achieve is to query a domain for a list of users with admin permissions. Preferably without first getting a list of users and then querying each and every user.

Can that be done without individually querying each and every user?
I found what I needed, the GetUsers from svcUserAdmin gives me the whole list with properties.  That will suffice.

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