No place, where you can see tickets current subject
Problem reported by Otto Keravuori - December 1, 2017 at 7:50 AM
Not A Problem
There is no field where you can
a) copy current ticket subject at all and
b) if subject is a bit longer, there is no place, where you can see the subject.
Yes you can see it from the original post, but not if you have changed it after that.
And yes it is shown in the list BUT you can not copy it as a text and if text is longer, you can not see the whole text AND you can not make the column wider.

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Eric McCarthy Replied
Employee Post
The original post will always  contain the full original subject of the ticket. Each additional post will contain the full subject of the ticket, at the time of that message. In both cases the subject is not truncated. The most current message will contain the most current subject, unless an agent has manual changed the subject since the message has been received. In such a situation if you need to copy the subject line, you can click reply and then copy the subject field.
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