Error on sending email using MacOS and Iphone IOS using latest SM Version 16.3.6535
Problem reported by jev.sapasap - 11/26/2017 at 7:53 AM
We are using SmarterMail16_Setup Version 16.3.6530 
And Mails are working without problem
But when we upgrade to SmarterMail16_Setup Version 16.3.6535
We can no longer send email thru using the following machines
Mac OS High Sierra version 10.13.1 using Mail Version 11.1 (3445.4.7)
We can not send email also using Iphone 6 plus with IOS 11.1.2
We've uninstalled  Version 16.3.6535 and reverted back to Version 16.3.6530 
And email sending worked again.
Kindly check Version 16.3.6535
Thank you

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Scarab Replied
I don't know why Smartertools hasn't removed the download link for Smartermail v16.3.6535 but it is a known issue and there is already an emergency build available (v16.3.6540) and a permanent Minor Upgrade version coming "Soon™" to replace last week's bugged version.
You can see more about the known issues with v16.3.6535 in the Forum discussion From Address Must Match Authenticated Address.

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