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Problem reported by John Marx - November 15, 2017 at 7:32 AM
On version 16.3.6522. Just got a new laptop. Yesterday before I had 80 emails. Brand new install. Active Sync being used. Jumped to over 1,000 emails. Just went back into web mail and web mail shows 937 while Outlook, which is correct, 88. Out of the 1,000+ emails they were from MONTHS ago. These aren't from the last week but July, August, etc. How is it the totals are so wrong (half hour waiting). Now before the upgrade BOTH Outlook and SmarterMail were off but not by that much (like a few hundred). Now we are over 1,000. What is wrong with this system? Don't say "wait for 17" as I will be through. Fix it!
I could see even a five minute lag (worst case scenario). A half hour, even months, is beyond insane!

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Derek Curtis Replied
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When you say "Brand new install." is that of SmarterMail or do you mean your new laptop?
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Below is my solution to fix the problem. Being that Outlook was correct I did the steps below. If I go to folders many show none, one, or two items. I can only guess that doing the same thing but in the web interface.
1. Take Outlook and back it all up
2. Make a new folder called BAK
3. Move Outlook inbox into BAK (68 items)
4. DELETE everything in Webmail
5. Copy BAK back to Inbox in Webmail
     a. Sync took 4 minutes to come down
I also had problems (in 16.3.6522) with receiving emails on my Android phone using Aquamail (IMAP); new messages were not shown at all or only the subject and no content.
Downgrading to 16.3.6508 fixed the issue.

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