Birthday changes -1 day when saving or editing contact
Problem reported by Derrick Kluyts - November 12, 2017 at 11:53 PM
Hi Guys,
I have a issue when saving a birth date under the GAL. When editing or adding a birth date to contacts the date gets moved to - 1 day after saving. Contact birth date is 09/07/1991 (dd/mm/yyyy) after saving and re entering I get 08/07/1991. I have tried various dates and get the same result. Always - 1 day.
I have double checked IIS, the Host and SmarterMail regional settings and everything checks out. I have come across a number of threads dated back to 2013-2014 regarding this issue but, does not seem to be resolved yet. Anyone have a clue or am I missing something?


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Von-Austin See Replied
Employee Post
We're attempting to replicate this locally but have been unsuccessful. I'm wondering if it could be related to a specific timezone. What time zone is set on the client, as well as the server ?
Also, what browser language is being leveraged ?
Von See
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I have reported this issue many times already and I have had a lot of communication with the support staff about this.
It seems the problem is (at least partly) related to the timezone and they were able to replicate the issue. So the support staff knows about the issues and I have spent a lot of time testing and reporting about this.
The problem should have been fixed a number of times in the past releases but so far no luck. The problem is still there as are a number of other issues with the calendar.
All in all I have now stopped using the SmarterMail calendar alltogether because of the problems I have with it.
Hopefully everything will be fixed in an upcoming release.

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