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Question asked by John Marx - 11/12/2017 at 9:55 AM
I do think v16 is getting "closer" to where they can go into a stablization mode. There are key items missing from a single domain administrator/user experience. I logged in and used solely as a user and these are the items I noted going through over 200 emails. This is all done with the version 16.3.6522 and overall I am starting to get happier with it even though we've lost two clients because of previous versions being sub-par. The items needed are noted below which may be in the system but if they are they are unintuitive or too hard to find as I couldn't find them.
-- User perspective
- Collapse all foders
- Totals are wrong. I have 254 emails in my inbox at the time of this writing. The number to the right of Inbox shows 940.
- Right-click on Junk Email should allow me to Empty the junk email
- Right-click on Junk Email should allow me to Empty the deleted email
- The folder I should be able to make wider, smaller, or collapse it
- I should only have one click to mark as a block sender or spam. Currently two clicks. Minimal yes but experience high.
- I know not every browser supports it but our internal custom built appliations allow pressing Alt-S to send. Would be nice when composing to have that nice keyboard shortcut.
-- Administrator perspective
- Last login is great but HOW did they connet - ActiveSync, IMAP, POP3, Web interface, etc.
- Trusted Senders
   - We can set domains and emails but not entire servers. I know this isn't best practice but we have some IT companies that have reports coming from a specific server. Right now we tell them to add every email address but when they have hundreds this is not great when they could type in a single server address. They understand the ramifications of this and should be an option for them.
- Aliases
   - It would be nice to hover over an alias to see at least the first few items. Even with just one I have to go in to see. Most of ours are all five or less and a hover should be able to show this.
   - It would be nice to quickly add/remove "Show in GAL" being it is only a true false field
   - We have two support emails with different purposes as well as certain lists for customers. It would be nice to have a short (250-500 character) description of the purposes.
   - It would be nice to have alias as active or not
      - It would be nice to set a start date for an alias
      - It would be nice to set an expiration date so that this is inactive at a specific date
      - We bring clients on/off at predefined times and setup aliases for them to use. It would be nice to disable an alias after a specific period of time.
   - It would be nice to know when the last time an alias received an email. If an alias was put in for a previous employee and there hasn't been email for them in XX days it would be nice to know so that we can get rid of an unused alias.
- Reports
   - What SPAM rules have NEVER run. If they haven't been run or not needed we could speed up the system by not using it. It could also help in licensing if we don't need a license that is never (or rarely) used.
-- Overall
- Domains that are not using DKIM (they all should so knowing which ones are and are not is important and going into each one is not a positive efficiency).

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