Efficiences for IDLE Events

IDLE events are a great way to stay on top of your Live Chats and Tickets, but they are also the most resource intensive. Therefore, there are some efficiencies that should be observed, regardless of whether setting up IDLE events for tickets or live chats.

When an IDLE Event fires, it has to cycle through all tickets or live chats in the system. Therefore, it's a good idea to create no more than six (6) IDLE events for your help desk.

In addition, in those circumstances where customers want to set IDLE events for "waiting" tickets or live chats, the best way to set these is to use a conditional wait time versus an absolute value. For example, rather than set the event to fire if a wait time "equals" 10 minutes, set it to fire if the wait time is "between 5 and 15 mintues." This is a more efficient way of setting up the event and will ensure it fires off as intended.

Keep in mind that while IDLE events are the most intensive, all events have an impact on the system, so be pragmatic and systematic when planning out what events to use and how to use them. A properly-running help desk should have no more than 24 events in total set up to cover all scenarios.


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