SM 16 moving e-mails by dragging and dropping
Problem reported by Matthew Shepard - 10/13/2017 at 1:59 PM
My end users have been reporting an issue that when they try to move e-mails by dragging and dropping them into the folder that it is grabbing the wrong e-mail. I have found out what is going on. If they have one e-mail selected (it is highlighted and the content of the e-mail is displayed on the preview pane); and go click and drag without releasing the click on another e-mail, then it will move the e-mail that was originally selected. If they clicked on the e-mail they want to move to make it the "selected" one and then click again and drag to move it; it will move the correct one. So it seems that no matter what e-mail you think you are dragging, it will always move the one that is selected and has the content being displayed on the preview pane.

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Ton Trommelen Replied
I have the same problem (smartermail 16.3.6496)
I created a new thread for it, but then I saw this thread.
Derek Curtis Replied
Employee Post
Thanks. I've noted this and gave it to our Developers to look into some more. I can replicate it as well. 
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