BUG in Mailbox Import from Gmail (Calendar error) in SM Version 15.7.6411
Problem reported by CLEBER SAAD - September 25, 2017 at 10:00 AM
I tried to make a MailBox Import from Gmail this weekend with Messages, Calendars and Contacts.
When try to make the copy of the Calendars have this error (in all accounts)
[2017.09.23] 07:01:59 (Gmail) [account@domain] - [imap.gmail.com:account@domain] Delivery finished for account@domain
[2017.09.23] 07:02:00 (Gmail) [account@domain] - Fetching calendar items
[2017.09.23] 07:02:00 (Gmail) [account@domain] - [imap.gmail.com:account@domain] Exception: The type initializer for 'Google.Apis.Json.NewtonsoftJsonSerializer' threw an exception.
[2017.09.23]    at Google.Apis.Json.NewtonsoftJsonSerializer..ctor()
[2017.09.23]    at Google.Apis.Services.BaseClientService.Initializer..ctor()
[2017.09.23]    at RelayServer.MessageRetrieval.Gmail.CalendarRetreiver.Fetch()
[2017.09.23]    at SmarterTools.SmarterMail.RelayServer.MessageRetrieval.GmailRetrievalSession.#GGb(User #kdb, GmailAccountConfig #l6i)
Version 15.7.6411

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