Add Tasks and Notes as shareable resources in Smartermail 16
Idea shared by Ionel Aurelian Rau - August 18, 2017 at 3:18 AM
Under Consideration
Hi SM Team,
We have the following issue: we need to be able to in some way share tasks and notes with other users and this option is available for "My tasks" and "My Notes". However, the problem is that none of us want to share ALL of our Tasks and ALL of our Notes - thus, we would need to either share part of the tasks/notes or themselves individually.
Is it possible to implement the "Tasks" and "Notes" as a "Shared Resource"? I think that if it were possible to create a shared resource for "Tasks" / "Notes" and have users map them the same way as they do with the shared resource of the Calendar type, then users would be able to create Tasks or Notes just in that "Source" and then all users that have access to those resources can see the tasks. Ideally, the tasks from the shared resource would also display on the Calendar separately from the user`s "My Tasks" section.
Thank you!

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Hi, Ionel...that's an interesting suggestion, and a situation I've encountered as well. Thanks for posting it. 
Derek Curtis
SmarterTools Inc.
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Thanks for taking this under consideration - hopefully we`ll see it in SM16 soon.

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