Drag and Drop Broken - Microsoft Edge
Problem reported by John Marx - August 3, 2017 at 12:40 PM
I was going to submit that it would  be great if on drag and drop it could be transparent as you can't see the folder you are dragging to. I switched to Chrome "to just see" and it is transparent. This means it is there and a complete browser inconsistency. I have also tested in Firefox and it works so know this is truly a bug too be fixed.
Looking at the differences:
- Edge shows the message in a giant blue box
- Chrome/Firefox show the message as an email icon (transparent)

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Matthew Kides Replied
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Hello John,
This is an unfortunate case where Edge and Internet Explorer don't follow the standards very well and don't support changing the image of a drag object, so the browser just shows the element being dragged.
Matthew Kides
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