SM16 Calendar can't remove
Problem reported by Juan Lai - 8/3/2017 at 1:29 AM
   I am having a  new issue SM16.1.6418 about new Calendar.
   Normal user is able to add a new calendar, but can't remove or delete it. It will need admin
to impersonate the account then able to remove or delete the calendar.
   Anyone with the same issue with me? Thank you!
Juan Lai

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Employee Replied
Employee Post
Hello Juan,
I'm unable to replicate that behavior in 15.7.6411 or our alpha build, 16.1.6422. Could you try doing a minor upgrade on your server to see if this resolves the problem? 
Juan Lai Replied
It was happened on SM16.1.6418. When a user (using AD authenicated ) created a new Calendar, and it's not removed. (click the remove but no any action, and even refresh the screen or logout, the calendar is there still).
It's ok on SM15.
Mike Murray Replied
I noticed the same thing in Version: 16.1.6418. Tried different browsers and only when I impersonated the user I was able to delete. The user just has a Detach button. Plus it would be great if users can share calendars that they create. I wasn't able to see the share option.
Mike Murray Replied
Version 16.1.6425 resolved the calendar delete issue. Still would like users to be able to share calendars they create.

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