Collecting Analytics from Webmail (Google Analytics / Clicky / etc)
Idea shared by Shaun Peet - 7/21/2017 at 7:43 AM
I'd like to better understand how my users are interacting with the webmail site.  We use a service called Clicky for our analytics, which is similar to Google Analytics.  It just needs to have a couple lines of javascript added to the page.
If this is possible, how can I do this?  If it is not possible, then I'd like to make a feature request.
I think it would be beneficial for me to understand metrics on webmail usage like browser type / size / os / platform / device / etc.  In fact, if there were several large SmarterMail installations doing this then the aggregated data would be useful to SmarterTools as well so that the proper priorities are identified.  For example, I have a feeling that the mobile webmail usage is low but it would be good to have data to know for sure.

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I believe I've found where to put my script.  It's in SmarterMail/MRS/Views/Home/root.cshtml.  But obviously that's going to get over-written each time I install the latest version, so I guess I'll make this a feature request to be able to inject custom javascript / css / etc into sections either in the <head> of the root.cshtml file or below the opening <body> or above the closing </body>.
So it's working and I'm collecting analytics data using Clicky - but because the webmail is a SPA using Angular the only "page" people are visiting is /interface/root; which makes sense.  I can still get information about the end-user's environment though, which is still quite useful (OS / device / browser / etc).
However, I think it might make sense for SmarterTools to integrate an analytics option a little more fully.  The only configurable thing that should be required for the mail server administrator would be the "site id" of the GA account that is setup.  If entered, then SmarterMail takes all the steps needed to incorporate GA throughout the webmail including routing.  I found this library after a quick search:
That library makes it easy to plug in whatever analytics provider you want, however, in terms of complexity for SmarterTools I'd suggest just making it work with Google Analytics for now.
Thanks for the consideration.

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