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Idea shared by hraud - 7/17/2017 at 10:54 AM
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I am trying to make the SmarterTrack customer portal look like another page on my website.
I love how there is an option in Settings - Manage - Brands - Custom Messages - Additional Footer for Portal, which allows me to add the HTML for my company's footer to the bottom of the page.
What's missing is a similar option for adding the HTML for my company's HTML header to the very top of the page.  This would include the navigation bar for our website, so that customers can move between my website and the SmarterTrack portal just by using my website's navigation buttons.
I know that there are custom CSS style overrides for white labeling, but HTML can't be inserted using CSS.
I also know that there is a Main Portal Announcement where HTML can be inserted, but it only shows on the portal's home page, and it's not at the very top of the page.
My only workaround is to embed the SmarterTrack portal within an iframe, but that introduces security issues, is not very mobile-friendly, plus anyone going directly to the portal still can't navigate to my website.  
Any chance this could be added as a new feature?

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Andrew Barker Replied
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Our intention is to allow elements from the portal to be integrated into your website instead of adding more skinning items to the portal as it is today.

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