[SM16 UI] Weather is outside the box
Problem reported by kevind - 7/6/2017 at 7:08 AM
Using IE11 on Windows7, when you view the weekly calendar, the weather icons (sun, clouds, etc.) are not inside the box for the appropriate day. They get pushed out to the next day and for Saturday, they are off the grid entirely. Looks fine in Chrome.
Also, I should mention that in both IE and Chrome, the vertical gridlines for the top row (day of week) do not line up with the vertical gridlines for the rest of the rows (time of day). They are off slightly.

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Derek Curtis Replied
Employee Post
Hey, Kevin. The second item will be addressed in this week's release. I noticed that as well. We'll test out the IE11/Windows 7 issue as well and should be able to get a fix out for that as well.
Derek Curtis
SmarterTools Inc.
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Andrea Rogers Replied
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Hi Kevin,
These issues are both marked as fixed in our recent release of 16.1.6411. Please let me know if you find any lingering issues. 

Andrea Rogers
SmarterTools Inc.


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