Language Pack SmarterMail v16
Problem reported by Manuel - July 6, 2017 at 1:01 AM
I have plan to upgrade to installation of SmarterMail to v16, but I see thath not exist language pack for now ...
When will it be released ?
Can I help (for translation into Italian) to release it first and / or test it ?
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Derek Curtis Replied
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We radically revised the English language file, "trimming the fat" by removing redundancies and duplicates and making sure the JSON is a single level.  Moving forward, the translation files will be part of the installation and not a separate download, like they were in previous versions. We have the file out to one of our translation partners now, and we're wating to hear back from them on the finished translation as well as any issues they had completing the translation. (LATAM Spanish for now.) Once we have that and can iron our any difficulties, we'll be offering up the file to our existing translation providers so that more languages will be available.  
Derek Curtis
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Andrea Rogers Replied
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The Italian translation will be available in the upcoming 16.1 release. Thanks for your help, Manuel! 
For further updates on the language pack for SmarterMail, please see the following thread:

Andrea Rogers
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