Corrupt Attachments in SM16 using Firefox and other browsers
Problem reported by Karl Jones - June 21, 2017 at 11:37 AM
I have just upgraded my clients to version 16. Everything seemed to go well and all users logged in and carried on their day...... and then came the phone calls.!!! It seems that non of my users can open attachments in firefox (my browser of choice) and i noticed that on some attachments i get ***.pdf.htm on the heading for pdf files for instance and the only way i got it to open is open with, browse for adobe reader .exe and open..... is this a planned action or a bug because all my users have no clue what to do....
As an aside, when i asked them to use Opera it apparently downloaded the attachment and they were able to click on downloads to open it.... neither browser appears to open inside the browser itself.

Anyone know what's happening, is it an easy setting fix or a bug..??

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Really need some help with this now.... i have several people who can not open attachments. They are mainly trying to use pdf's with customers and vendors and some cannot open them, the download as zip option gives a 404 error and save as or open after download gives a corrupted attachment error.
Is anyone else having this issue, what suggestions does anyone have to fix it.
I have already tried different versions of Adobe reader, different browsers it is now showing on Win7 and Win10 computers. The files open perfectly in Outlook.

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