SM16: Option to enable autocomplete on the login screen
Idea shared by Charles Michel - 6/6/2017 at 11:55 PM
I just upgraded to Smartermail 16 and one thing I realised is that my password manager does not populate my credentials on the login screen of the webmail. I am sure some will prefer this enhanced security but I would rather still use a password manager. What would be great would be an option to customize that, i.e to switch off autocomplete="off" and autocomplete="new-password".

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I already opened a post for this. Angry
I've got a custom build running right now which was used to solve another issue, and this is now working.  I also have a post about this:
So it's just Chrome that it doesn't work for in the latest public release.  Given that my custom build has fixed the Chrome issue my guess is that this week's public release will have the fix as well.
Derek Curtis Replied
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Chrome is really touchy with regards to autocoplete. But, as Shaun said, the login issues should be resolved in this week's release. 
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