Use same SM license on 2 servers
Question asked by Frederic de Comarmond - 6/4/2017 at 11:30 PM
I have received migrated server to Azure (E.g.  Server01), and running on 15.x
It is running perfectly fine, but i do not have a backup service in place.
I am thinking of setting  a second server on Azure (E.g Server02) that would have the same outgoing public IP and have a load balancing manager routing the traffic for users onto Server 01 and Server 02.
My question is it possible to run the same license on both servers. I am currently setting Server02 and it failing activation.
Would anyone have some insights please?
Thank you.

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Andrea Rogers Replied
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Hi Frederic,
This type of setup is not currently supported. SmarterMail was not designed for clustering and only supports "load balancing" in terms of using Failover for a hot standby, where two installations are installed using a centralized data location, but only one mail server is active at a time. Aside from when using Failover, we don't recommend using two mail servers on the same server. Because they can't share the same IPs or ports, one server would be without the standard SMTP port 25.
Hope this helps!

Andrea Rogers
SmarterTools Inc.


arvind.bangali Replied
We need to perform a migration, wherein older smartermail enterprise server needs to be migrated on a new server with a new IP but with same license key.
Existing smartermail server is in production having over 1000 mailboxes on it. Migration is planned to eliminate outdated OS i.e windows server 2008 & older smartermail version.
If smartermail is not designed this was, how can this be achieved ?
Martin Schaible Replied
A migration ist quite easy and works with one license. Smartertools offers a grace period until the old server goes to retirement. I usually send Smartertools a message before i start a migration with the two servernames and the key to avoid any problems.

arvind.bangali Replied
I've read grace period is only 30 days. Can it be extended by smarter-tools on request considering migration requirement ?
Martin Schaible Replied
Why? A Migration ist usualy done over a weekend or even overnight with around 1000 accounts.
arvind.bangali Replied
I've a complex migration smartermail is integrated with control panel and has more than 3000 mailboxes on it.
Martin Schaible Replied
Which control panel?
arvind.bangali Replied
old websitepanel Version 2.0.0 & smartermail version is SmarterMail Enterprise 7.6
Martin Schaible Replied
Very good, no problem. We made the same last week.
- Create the new server with a temporary name and temporary ip address
- Install SmarterMail on the new server. Do not add any domains. Do not add a license.
- Create the website for the webmail.
- Copy the Data from the old server to the new server. This might consume 4-6 hours depending the amount of data.
- Stop the Service of SmarterMail on both servers.
- Switch the Service of SmarterMail on the old server to disabled.
- Copy the configuration data from the old to the new Server. To keep it simple, copy the complete directory "c:\<PathToSmarterMail>\service"
- Sync the content of the WebMail old to new Server with e.g. Robocopy. The WebMail contains Data!
- Sync the content of the data old to new Server. Should be done in a few minutes.
- Shutdown the old server or reboot it with a new server name and different ip address.
- Change the name of the new server to the right name and change the ip address too.
- Reboot the new server.
- Login to the Webmail and check the licensing. The new server has the same name as before, the licensing should remain without any further action.
- Update the server resources in WebSitePanel. In terms of SmarterMail it hasn't change anything. So your'e still good with the data of WebSitePanel.
arvind.bangali Replied
Thank you, Martin.

Migration plan is as below:
1. Website panel version 2.0 will get upgraded to 2.1 on a new server.
2. Smartermail Enterprise 7.6 will get upgraded to Enterprise 15.0

A few complications here regarding migration.
Its a phased migration, we need to keep both website panel servers alive during this migration.
So, smartermail server has to be integrated on both servers simultaneously.

If we upgrade the existing smartermail server 7.6 itself, older version of website panel will not integrate it.

If we plan to migrate data from old smartermail version 7.6 to newly created smatermail server version 15.0, it will need existing key to be working for more than 30days on both servers. As its a phased migration having over 2000 websites hosted on it.

What do you suggest ?
Martin Schaible Replied
I will answer you later this week. Is this okay?
arvind.bangali Replied
Not an issue, any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

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