Continuing SmarterMail 16.x Bugs
Problem reported by Bryan Zimmerman - May 26, 2017 at 1:57 PM
Being Fixed
1. Calendar Event does not show full information under description.  Using Google Chrome, or any browser the event description is not fully displayed or accessible.  Here is an example of what is displayed for an event
This event has a Google Hangouts video call. Join:"
Obviously that ... is important, but no way to access it without going to original deleted message where the calendar invite was contained.  If that message was not available then no way to access information.
2. Pale Moon - still unusable in Pale Moon
3. RSS Feeds - The RSS Feeds do not update when they are selected nor are they periodically refreshed in the background.  If you manually refresh using the circle then all items are marked as new.

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Remaining unresolved issues:
1. With an event especially a private one the description field is not completely accessible still.  For example "This event has a Google Hangouts video call. Join:" ; So that the event cannot be joined when needed.
2. Even with a non private event if the description field is large enough it still is not completely accessible and is truncated.
3. RSS Feeds are not working properly in many ways but I know these are low priority where the first two issues have real business impact.
Alex Carnot Replied
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"The RSS Feeds do not update when they are selected nor are they periodically refreshed in the background."
    - From what I can tell this is untrue. My RSS Feeds 
    have updated in the background on smarterTools. There 
    is also code that does run every hour to update the 
    RSS Feeds.

"If you manually refresh using the circle then all items are marked as new."
    - This is true. This is due to us caching the unread 
    states but not storing them on the server. So updating 
    reloads the cache and thus the unread states. If the 
    service is restarted this would also remove unread 
Tracking and saving individual unread states would require significant changes to the back end of SmarterMail and so this has been added to our feature requests list to be considered at a later date.
Alex Carnot
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SmarterTools Inc.
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The RSS issues could be due to permissions issues on the RSS folder under App_Data. I ran into this after upgrading as I run the SmarterMail service under a different user. I think it would be helpful if SmarterTools were to release a permissions matrix for key folders, i.e. which folders need to be readable/writeable by the user the SmarterMail service is running under vs. the user running the IIS worker process. Especially now that processes that ran within the web application code under SM 15 may have moved to the service under the new architecture in SM 16.
SmarterMail 15.x worked very well for indicating when a feed had new posts where SmarterMail 16.x does not usually work.  You either have to refresh to get all marked as new or look at each feed and sometimes see new ones for which the feed did not indicate because of a background refresh.  I have also found on sites such as that it would miss feeds between today and yesterday depending on when pulled/refreshed.
As a stop gap measure to the multiple RSS issues if the ability is added such that the user could right click on a feed and open the web page associated with it, then it would be a great help.
Tim Uzzanti Replied
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Today's release will help significantly.
We made a number of improvements but one in particular was a component we use called UI-Router component which had a bug and would stall trying to figure out routes.  Each request for new page (login, popups, and even pages within the app) would go through this routing component and could stall from time to time.  It was incredibly difficult to find and seemed to happen more often on Safari and Firefox than other browsers.
Hope this helps....
Tim Uzzanti
SmarterTools Inc.
(877) 357-6278
Many RSS issues still persist with the latest release.  Please implement the suggestion above as a stop gap measure.
The read/unread feature of the RSS is very well done and a welcome addition.  However, there is still what I believe is a bug.
BUG - Feeds like will truncate older items and correspondingly the RSS feed in SmarterMail will truncate items but it does mark the new items as unread.  I think it would be better to keep a minimum number of days of the feed from previously read items. 
FEATURE - A Mark Read on the All Feeds would be a welcome addition.
FEATURE - I still think right clicking on the feed name and opening the raw feed in the web browser would be a welcome addition.
Thanks again for the work done so far.
Post 16.1 - Thank you for addressing some of the issues.  Here is a report on the post 16.1 so far.
1. [Fixed] - Have not seen the negative values since update.
2. [BUG] - Old items at the end of the RSS feed are frequently marked unread again after begin marked read.
3. [BUG] - Frequent Errors when navigating between feeds or refreshing feeds on a WAN connection that force a re login.
Bryan Z

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