Add an alert when there is No subject in an email.
Question asked by Jaime - 4/4/2017 at 8:28 AM
Is there a way for administrators to alert the users when they are not adding a Subject to an email?
Thanks in advance.

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Hi Jorge.  A System Administrator can enable this for all users by following these steps.
  1. Go to Settings >> Defaults >> User Defaults.  Select the Compose tab and enable "Warn about common email mistakes prior to sending".  Click Save.
  2. Now go to settings >> Defaults >> User Propagation.  Select the Compose tab, put a checkmark next to "Warn common email mistakes before sending" and then click the Propagate Now button.  
That will propagate this setting to all users, and they will be prompted if they attempt to send an email that does not contain a subject.
Jaime Replied
Great! Thanks

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