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Question asked by Lance Rasmussen - 3/22/2017 at 11:40 AM
Is there a desktop app available that would notify when a chat is waiting?  There seems to be issue when ST isn't focused and getting chat sounds.  So would be nice to have a desktop app that, even if browser is closed, notifies if a chat is available.

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Jason Lockhart Replied
Any updates to this thread?  We also need this functionality.
Stephen Smith Replied
Lack of mobile app for SmarterTrack is the sole reason why we are now shopping for a new system.  Unfortunate to see this system not being developed to stay up with modern needs.

It's honestly so cheap and easy to get a solid mobile app built for your platform, should certainly have been done by now.  The mobile version is nowhere close to competitive to other modern ticket systems.

John Marx Replied
We find mobile apps get in the way and that have a great web interface has worked well for us in every circumstance. The benefit with a single app (web) is you don't have to maintain two apps. Our internal CRM/Task system is solely web and our team uses on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

The only benefit is a mobile app can work "offline" better than a web app. A web app still can do that but not as efficiently. Being we are always online now and we're not in the 1990's that isn't an issue for our team.

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