Which is the better filter? Cyren or Message Sniffer?
Question asked by Larry French - 2/21/2017 at 10:26 AM
Which is the better filter?  Cyren or Message Sniffer?
Who is the best reseller (lowest price)?

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Hi Larry. My company, Mail's Best Friend is a reseller of both Cyren and Message Sniffer. In my experience and opinion, Message Sniffer is better and cheaper. We can offer you a free trial of either or both if you like, with no obligation to buy. We also offer the lowest prices on both. If you are interested, please contact me directly at the email address in my signature. I will be happy to get you set up. Thanks!
echoDreamz Replied
Add my 2 cents. We've been on Sniffer (previously from Cyren) and after 6 months, I can say, Sniffer is better only because it is cheaper. We still have issues with emails that are so obviously spam that your pet cat could probably sort them better. Sniffer though has yet to cause any crashes in SmarterMail like Cyren used to do so there is that. It is very resource friendly, I've never seen the CPU usage go above ~2 or 3%. Overall after switching from Cyren / Commtouch after years of use, we've not seen Sniffer perform any better or worse. If we do not rely heavily on RBLs, the rate at which spam comes in and makes it through is incredible. It seems that the best anti-spam solution is really just to rely on RBL, URIBL and RHBL lookups.

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