Shared Calendar activity report?
Question asked by Jay Altemoos - 2/16/2017 at 7:39 AM
So I have a question, I have a company we host that shares a calendar between a few employees. All users are using Outlook and have the calendar added to Outlook via Add to Outlook from SM. So one of the users calls in yesterday and questioned a few entries disappearing from the Monday entry when they were there the previous day.
So I look through the XML file and I found one of the entries and it appears someone moved it to another time slot on the same day. The other entry is just gone. My guess is one of the other users deleted it. So searching the log reports I found an entry for Calendar, tried running that for the past few days but nothing ever populates in that log at all for me. No matter whether I feed some information into the search query or not. What exactly is this report for?
And is there a way to track what user makes changes on a shared calendar? I already know that when I go back to my customer on what I found the first question is going to be, well who changed it? Is there a different log I need to look at for this or is there even a log that tracks this sort of thing?

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Hi Jay. Unfortunately, this end-user activity is not logged.

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