Restricted the Privileges of Agent to See Only Customer/Client with Same Brand where the Customer/Client Come From
Idea shared by Dikky Yulianto - 1/18/2017 at 9:06 PM
When we have multiple brand. In each brand have an agent that assign only to support department each.
Each agent can see all the customer/client from all brand, right?
What I want is restricted the privileges of agent to see only customer/client with same brand where the customer/client come from.
Brand 1 : BATI
Department BATI : BATI Support Department
Agent BATI : Bagus Rachmad in BATI Support Department
Customer/Client BATI : Aulia, Ismail, Fiqih
Brand 2 : MAGNET
Department MAGNET : MAGNET Support Department
Agent MAGNET : Joe Mashari in MAGNET Support Department
Customer/Client MAGNET : Ashari, Azzan, Mandala
Condition now: agent Bagus and Joe although assign in different brand and department, both of them can see all customer/client Aulia, Ismail, Fiqih, Ashari, Azzan, Mandala.
Our needs: 
a. Agent Bagus can only see the customer/client from BATI Brand (Aulia, Ismail, Fiqih) and agent Joe can only see the customer/client from MAGNET Brand (Ashari, Azzan, Mandala).
b. Agent Bagus can't see the customer/client from MAGNET Brand (Ashari, Azzan, Mandala) and Agent Joe can't see the customer/client from BATI Brand (Aulia, Ismail, Fiqih)
Why I need this? Because, I'm using Smartertrack for collaboration with our partners (as an agent) to maintain their end costumer via our Smartertrack to centralized the helpdesk system, so this partner agent must be restricted to see customer/client from another brand which is our another partners too.

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Hi there. We've reviewed your request, and can confirm this has been entered as a feature request with our development team. Unfortunately we do not have an ETA we can provide, but I wanted to let you know that this is on our radar.
Glad to see this is in the feature request as my company also needs this functionality. It's currently causing issue with new hires. Even though they aren't assigned to all Brands/Dept/Groups, when they create a ticket, call log or live chat, they have to navigate a very long list of Departments and Groups.
This has been causing many mis-entries into incorrect groups and departments. And like above, we would love to be able to give a customer agent access to view tickets and reports without seeing Brands they are not associated with.
Thank you Kyle, I hope this feature will be implement in the next update :) I'm really waiting for this feature to support our business.

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