Spam filter false positive
Problem reported by Steve Norton - January 18, 2017 at 11:49 AM
I'm running Version 15.4.6151 and I've created a custom spam rule looking for email that contains the word sex in the body of the email, this rule is matched by the word Essex but more of a surprise is that it is also a match for the following;
exposure to cloud and DDOS is advantageous
experience with security infrastructure such as F5
The new line is ignored and the concatenated words 'advantageousexperience' result in a match. I've tried putting quotes around the word in the rule but then the rule is never matched. Any ideas how I can get around these false positives, is regex the way to go?

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Jay Altemoos Replied
Regex would be the better way to handle it, but after updating to 15.4.6151, we had an issue with Regex where it was matching false positive on emails. For instance, I created a Regex to trap the word Viagra, it appeared to work fine in SM 14.5, but once we upgraded to 15.4.6151 that's when Regex flagged emails randomly when the content it was looking for did not exist in the email.  I already opened a ticket with support on this issue among some other weirdness with spam filtering and content filtering.

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