SmarterMail Enterprise Edition Upgrade Protection renewal -- $100.00 price increase from last year?
Question asked by Eric Bourland - December 11, 2016 at 10:12 AM
SmarterMail 15 Enterprise Edition
Has anyone else noticed the price increase for Upgrade Protection? In January 2016 I paid $199.00 for one year of Upgrade Protection; now it seems to be $299.40, "marked down" from $499.00?

Am I missing something, or is this the same Upgrade Protection price that other people are paying this year?

Thank you for the perspective.


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David Fisher Replied
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Hi Eric,
  That sounds like the normal price on sale right now.  Are you sure you are logged into "My Account" and clicking on your license?  Did your upgrade protection expire/lapse?  It should tell you if it expired, or is expiring on a certain date.
  But the Enterprise with 250 mailboxes should be the same price.  There shouldn't be a regular price in there at all when you go to renew your license, so it sounds like you went into Buy Now instead of My Account, and choose your license.

Andrea at SmarterTools sent me a quote for a renewal price of $199. I was unable, somehow, to reach that renewal price on the SmarterTools web site. =) Anyway, problem solved. and I am grateful for Andrea's help and for your thoughtful reply. Thank you so much.

best from Eric
David Fisher Replied

That is very weird, guess things like that came happen from time to time. I have dealt with Andrea before over at Sales and she is very helpful.

Glad you got it worked out!

Shivam Parikh Replied
I had a similar issue and got an automated sent out quote to me but I saw it yesterday. I thought they sent something random at me. Sadly I might be too late on it. No way I will renew it (Smarter Track/Help desk) at higher rate. May as well forget it for a year or two (unless they allow me to use the quote).

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