Question Marks showing up in SENT emails.
Problem reported by Billy Huddleston - November 11, 2016 at 2:26 PM
I have a client that is reporting that sometimes when they send out a email, Question marks will show up in places. First couple of times it happened was when they were sending temp passwords for other mail accounts to users.  The temp password ended up having a question mark at the beginning or the end.  The latest report was a question mark at the beginning of "Thank You," at the end of their email.  We have the default ISO set to Western Europe (ISO) and I'm wondering if we would be better off using UNICODE (UTF-8).  I've never changed this setting.. so it's default..
Now, I'm not sure if they're cut and pasting from word or free-typing or what.  But, this is a bit odd.

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I ran into this with a client today and I made sure the "Default User Settings" had Western Europe (ISO) set and then I used "User Propagation" to update all accounts.
After that it cleared up for the client.

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