how to move the spool folder
Question asked by markus - 11/7/2016 at 2:14 AM
I searched but can't find any how to to move the spool folder.

The setting is on General > Spool > Spool path  so far so god.
The question is: can it be changed with (partialy) running services (for example stop only the mail delivery service MDS) or must I completely stop the entire smartermail service? 
I ask this because restarting Smartermail with some thousands of domains and mailboxes requires around 10 Minutes. Also how and when to change the spool path setting when the Admin GUI is down? Change it in the config file directly? If so then why the path is a editable text field in the GUI? 
Or is it smooth and easy because I just have to set the new path and smartermail organizes all the rest?

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