Generate emails whenever ticket assigned - utilizing a distribution list
Question asked by Shannon Yates - 10/10/2016 at 11:49 AM
We are receiving reports that when a new ticket is created the users are receiving the ticket created notification 7 times.
While researching I have found that there is currently 7 agents assigned to the group and the email address is utilizing a distribution list rather than individual email address accounts.
Is there something that I can change so that they do not receive the same notification multiple times?
I was not sure if it is the way that the body of the event is set up:
Ticket [#ticketnumber#] "#subject#" has been created from #customeremail# in group #group#.
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Thank you,
Shannon Yates

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Derek Curtis Replied
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The simplest thing is to use actual email accounts designed specifically for your departments. That means using sales@, support@, billing@, etc. You then configure those accounts in SmarterTrack to POP emails into the system as well as set them up for SMTP so messages are sent from the same address that your customers email. Within the Groups in those departments, you set up the ticket distribution as per normal: pull from queue or round robin distribution.
Using a single address versus an alias or group distribution list ensures a one-in / one-out delivery method for all communications FROM and TO the customer.  
Derek Curtis
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