Spam filter rebuild schedule?
Question asked by Jay Altemoos - 10/6/2016 at 2:21 PM
I have a question about SmarterMail's Bayesian filter. How often does the database rebuild from what it has learned? I found where the bayes.dat file is stored and I am guessing this is the Bayesian database, but I haven't seen the size or time stamp change yet since we turned the spam filtering on in SM last week. Is there a setting somewhere in SM to schedule the rebuild? Or is there a way to manually kick off the rebuild on a periodic basis?
I saw under the Security -> Antispam Administration -> Bayesian -> Messages required for filter update is set to 3000. I am guessing this is the default setting and once the Bayesian has seen this amount of messages it will rebuild. Our mail server easily sees over that amount in a day or 2 and yet the bayes.dat file has been unchanged. Does the rebuild trigger just apply to spam email seen or is it overall email delivered to the mail server itself?
Thank you I appreciate any input.

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Jay Altemoos Replied
So just an update on this, I set the options for "Messages required for filter update" = 100. So I see now that the bayes.dat file has changed time stamp and size. I also see bayes1.dat and bayes2.dat files now in the same directory. So I am guessing the spam filter looks at all of these? Or does it just look at bayes.dat?
Von-Austin See Replied
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The Bayesian check will look at all of the .dat files, not just bayes.dat, these will continue to grow as users report items as Spam\Not Spam.
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Jay Altemoos Replied
Thank you for the follow up Von. I appreciate the information.

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