Outlook Contact email addresses messed up after upgrade
Problem reported by Michael Mullen - October 6, 2016 at 11:45 AM
After a recent patch upgrade of smartermail (I'm not sure which one) a couple of our Outlook users reported their contact list got shifted over by one.  In other words, an email to bob@domain.com actually went to brian@domain.com (the next person in their contact list).  The "file as" and display name says bob@domain.com but the email address says brian@domain.com.

As you can imagine, this has potentially disastrous implications.  We have notified all our users to watch out for it, but has anybody experienced this?  What would be the cause of it?

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Rod Lasky Replied
Employee Post
Michael, are you on the latest version of 15?  We have a fix for this in our latest release, but you'll want to remove the Sharepoint connector from MS Outlook, and then re-add it.
Rod Lasky
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Michael Mullen Replied
We are on 15.3. Do you happen to have a link that explains why this happened?

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