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Question asked by Nathaniel Aylard - September 29, 2016 at 4:15 PM
I submitted a ticket but wanted to see if anyone has come across this. I created an embedded live chat link for use on our main website.. everything shows up fine initially on the website but when trying to submit a message or connect to live chat chrome is showing a console error: ChatLink.ashx?config=3&id=stlivechat0:148 Uncaught TypeError: aG.GetValue is not a function
Wanted to know what may be the cause of this and possible work around. Granted using a non-embedded link works but want this particular display if possible.
Thanks again

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I found a problem in the version 12, maybe can help you, When I create a Live Chat Link of type Button, in the table ChatImageConfigs, in the field OfflineImageHref is stored with NULL, I update by SQL with any value in this field, and not have more problems

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