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Question asked by Nathaniel Aylard - 9/29/2016 at 4:15 PM
I submitted a ticket but wanted to see if anyone has come across this. I created an embedded live chat link for use on our main website.. everything shows up fine initially on the website but when trying to submit a message or connect to live chat chrome is showing a console error: ChatLink.ashx?config=3&id=stlivechat0:148 Uncaught TypeError: aG.GetValue is not a function
Wanted to know what may be the cause of this and possible work around. Granted using a non-embedded link works but want this particular display if possible.
Thanks again

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Juan Pablo Convers Replied
I found a problem in the version 12, maybe can help you, When I create a Live Chat Link of type Button, in the table ChatImageConfigs, in the field OfflineImageHref is stored with NULL, I update by SQL with any value in this field, and not have more problems
Adam De Lay Replied

Were you able to figure out what the problem was in your particular case? We're experiencing the same problem in SmarterTrack 13.


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