Can't setup email account with Exchange in macOS Sierra
Problem reported by Neal Culiner - September 21, 2016 at 11:36 AM
Mac OS Sierra Mail app was acting strange so I removed all accounts and now I'm trying to add them again.  I use EAS and EWS, in the Mac Mail App I select Exchange.  Enter my full email and password.  It goes offline as it can't connect.  It's trying to use the left part of the email (excluding domain) as the username and I believe SM requires the full email address.  Not sure if this is something new in macOS Sierra or if this is a configuration error on the server I need to find or a SM bug with EWS?
Is there a way to set the default domain for signing in to SM so we don't have to use the full email address as the username?  I guess there could be conflicts with the same username across domains through.
Anywho, mail (EWS) is not working in sierra!

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After some googling and finding others with this issue and various recommendations such as turning off iCloud keychain, remove account, create account, it didn't work for me.  iCloud royally sucks! I had to create the account, us the SQLite DB Browser to edit the Accounts sqlite file in the User/Library/Accounts area and edit the username.  More apple fail (yeah, I don't like apple!)
I found an article on the web that actually worked for this setup issue where Mac strips the domain off of the username.  The trick is to add an exchange account with a bogus email, i.e. just enter your first name for the account name and also the email enter your password.  When it immediately fails to connect it will go to a manual setup dialog and that sticks!

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