TopFilesByIP Not getting any response back. what is KeyValuePairs format?
Question asked by sam adam - 9/6/2016 at 1:33 PM
I am using Ruby to talk to the API. Can someone verify if I am specifying the keyValuePairs correctly. I am getting empty result set. 

require 'nokogiri'
require 'savon'
client = Savon.client(wsdl: "htt p://stats1.XXXXX.com/Services/query.asmx?WSDL")
response = client.call(:execute_query, message: {authUserName: "XXXX", 
                                              authPassword: "XXXXX", 
                                              authorizationCode: "XXXXXXX", 
                                              queryName: "/DataMining/TopFilesByIP", 
                                              keyValuePairs: ["SiteID=1234", "DateStart=2016-09-01","DateStop=2016-09-06"]})
p response

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