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Idea shared by Lance Rasmussen - 8/16/2016 at 11:20 AM
Is it possible to have an inner header for us to be able to include our own text, instructions, reminders, warnings?  This header would be visible in the default view of the community listing the threads as well as when looking at a thread.
Posting a comment and posting a reply are not the same functionality and it is not clear why you would use one versus the other.  We have a lot of older customers using our software and it is very common to incorrectly use Post comment for posting replies.  So there is no way to mark as an answer.
I wanted to have a clarification / instructions shown to help better inform the customer.

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Hi Lance,

I think giving users the ability to add an extra line of text to their Community header is a great idea. I've changed this thread from a Question to an Idea so we can facilitate tracking on this request. 

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