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Problem reported by Scarab - August 1, 2016 at 10:03 AM
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Last night I finally got around to upgrading from SmarterMail Enterprise v14.X to v15.2.6039. Although everything seems to be working properly there is nothing being displayed in the Spool section other than the Dashboard. The Dashboard shows activity but there is nothing being displayed in the All Messages, Waiting To Deliver, Spam Quarantine, and Virus Quarantine sections ("No items to show in this list" is the only thing displayed on those pages). Looking in the Spool directory in File Manager all of these should have contents.
I have tried restarting the Spool service, restarting the SmarterMail service, and rebooting the Server all to no avail. Short of uninstalling and reinstalling I'm at a loss.
On the upside at least it is delivering emails and quarantining emails, there is just no way of seeing them in the web gui.
Any ideas of anything else I should try?

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Matt Petty Replied
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In your mailConfig.xml what value do you have for <maxLoadedSpoolMessages>?
This is a number we use for limiting the display on the spool area.
Matt Petty
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Thanks for the response. <maxLoadedSpoolMessages> was set to 50000.
For grins and giggles I set it to 2000 (also in the mailConfig_bak.xml) and restarted the Spool but it didn't resolve anything. The service just reset it back to the default 50000, so I'll have to stop SM, make the change, and restart it (as I can't stop/start the SmarterMail service atm will have to wait until 1-2am to give that a try).
We only have 21 messages that s/b in the All Messages queue with 3 Waiting to Deliver, and 955 messages in Virus Quarantine. So, it is well under the 50000 limit anyway.
Just a follow up. After stopping the SmarterMail Service and modifying the <maxLoadedSpoolMessages> in the mailConfig.xml and restarting the SmarterMail Service everything went back to normal!
You are a genius. Thank you!

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