ClamAV improve thanks to sanesecurity
Idea shared by Gerardo Sobarzo - 7/19/2016 at 8:03 PM
I have tried several ways to improve the functioning of ClamAV, including those already published articles, but when upgrading SmarterMail always had a new problem.
Thanks to sanesecurity we can greatly improve the effectiveness of ClamAV. Using Sigupdate and goodsync, we keep updated ClamAV according to the desired configuration, even after upgrading SmarterMail.

Steps to take:

Download and configure sigupdate

Follow the installation instructions and adds firms consider the list:

* Check the operation of the sigupdate.txt file sigupdate
Schedule Recurring Task in Windows
Open Windows Task Scheduler
Create a new task
Run the task every 1 hour
In shares, Sign sigupdate.bat
It is important to add "Start in", must contain the path where this sigupdate.bat
With the previous 2 steps we keep updated signatures sanesecurity, now we must keep signatures updated in the folder clamav signatures. For this we can use GoodSync gives us the ability to generate real-time synchronization, so each time a change is detected the missing files in the backup files.
Install Good Sync
Create a new sync job in real time.
Left folder \ sigupdate \ db
Right folder \ SmarterMail \ Service \ Clam \ Share \ clamav
I wish them to be useful

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