Annoying bug with Webmail & MS Edge
Problem reported by Tarkan - July 19, 2016 at 7:12 AM
Like fools we have been upgrading our desktops to Windows 10.
There a small annoying bug in the webmail when using Windws 10 Edge browser, if you have any text selected in the preview pane, then clicking on another email in the content pane, the preview pane no longer shows anything (i.e. empty).
The only way clear this bug is to either refresh the browser or click on a folder in the folder pane. For people who do lot of cut & pasting from emails it is extremely annoying!
Windows 10, MS Edge, Smartermail 15.1.6005 under IIS

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I have configured Windows 10 on some new laptops, and it's OK - we're running either Chrome or FireFox for SM webmail. Some new laptops have been "retrofitted" with Windows 7, successfully. for a variety of reasons. I have avoided the so-called "upgrade" to Win10 on dozens of my clients' computers with great success. Only one desktop machine slipped through the cracks and is OK on Win10 after a "few dozen" tweaks, but I'm very happy for all those other computers to still be on Win7 (and a few on Win8).
In conclusion, "OK" isn't a great comment on what was supposed to be a revolutionary OS. IMO (and the opinion of many others) Windows 7 just runs better and is simpler to maintain. Extended support for Win7 "expires" in January 2020, beyond the typical 3-year life expectancy of even a new computer, but remember that we're still seeing some security patches come through even for expired Windows OS versions, and for other Microsoft products.
Wait until you get the Windows 10 major update. It makes things even worse.
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And of course, we're just waiting breathlessly to see what Microsoft has in store for us next. Bring back Windows 9!
Hello. I am using Windows 10 at most client locations now and have really started to like it. I agree that there are some crazy things that happens at times and my windows is always setting back default apps to what they think you want after updates, but overall I kinda dig it. Also, once the users get use to it, the O/S is really much faster, granted I do alot of customization to make the experience easy for them. I must be the exception here lol
For your post. I wanted you to know that I am running Windows 10 with all the newest updates, upgrades and features on Smartermail 15.2.6039 and Edge does not do this for me... Not sure if this is the version or the updates for Windows 10 that came down with the last major update they just released.  I just tried it on another Windows 10 machine with edge and it works fine there as well. Just wanted you to know what version I am using... Thanks
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Running tests on the latest code (SM 15) and I am unable to reproduce this on Windows 10 on Edge, I don't believe I have done the anniversary update yet, so I may be a tad out of date.
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