Antispam Filtering by protacal IMAP vers POP3
Idea shared by J Lee - 7/10/2016 at 2:42 PM
Hi Guys/Gals
I think everyone has run into this issue at one point of the other.  The Filtering tab for Anitspam, allows you to direct spam based on it's score.  This is great but if you manage multiple domains this becomes and issue for POP3 users or IMAP users.  Meaning you can only set this to optimized one protocol. If you set it to Mark as Spam but deliver this is great for Pop3 users because they can filter the incoming mail in Outlook.  But IMAP users don't want this junk mail in their inbox.  This work the same in reverse with IMAP set to Move to Junk.  So the whole server is set one way of the other.
Requested Feature:
Ability to set AnitSpam Filtering for Pop3 and IMAP separately.

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