Adding conversation in ticket closure mail
Idea shared by Emanuele Tomasi - 7/8/2016 at 12:03 AM
Under Consideration
When you receive a ticket closure mail, you only see the number and the object, but sometimes this is not enough.
There is the possibility of adding entire conversation in the mail ticket closure??
It would be important!

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We got the system to send out an email notification to technician and managers when a new Change Request is created.

Unfortunately replies to the Change seem to create a new ticket rather than being appended to the original Change Request.

Anyone have a similar issue?

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you mean when you replies to a ticket, Rather than engage the main ticket, it creates new tickets?
I think adding a "conversation" field, and then add that field in the email response to the ticket, would be resolved the problem
Any News?
Derek Curtis Replied
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Ticket Closed messages are sent via an Event, and not sent automatically unless the ticket is auto-closed. That said, I can see the value in including the ticket history and/or conversation in that type of message. So what I've done is changed this thread to an Idea versus a Question, so it will be treated as a feature request. 
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