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Idea shared by Opt-Out - 7/3/2016 at 12:21 PM
I suggest either a reset button or at least some knowledge base information on how to manually reset the Bayesian filter. If you use the Bayesian filter you have probably reached, at some point, that time when almost EVERYTHING is now scored as spam. Typically this filter is used as an additional low score but if it flags everything then it might as well be turned off. Since we don't really have control over how the users influence this filter I think an easy reset would be nice.

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We, automatically, disable all user, and domain, ability to creat filters, routes, and override spam settings. While this is easily propogated to user accounts, thier actual filters must be manually deleted, via impersonation, on a user-by-user basis. Takes some effort, but, once completed, gets rid of 99% of our "I didn't get my e-mail, what have you done with it?" issues. Only has one or two users balk, but having to explain why was absolutely worth the fact that missing e-mail complaints dropped to almost ZERO after that. Hardest part is,explaining this to potential new accounts, and have lost only one because of the policy.
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Those are all good points but I'm not clear how it fixes/resolves the Bayesian filter issue? I am under the impression that BF works over time based on average email and email marked as spam.
Even if nobody thinks this is a good idea, does anyone know the proper way to reset the Bayesian filters? Should I just copy /service/ham and service/spam from a server that has a fresh install? Or is it safe to just delete the email samples that are in the subfolders now?
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Hi Opt-out.  To manually delete the Bayesian filters, stop the SmarterMail service, and then delete C:\Program Files (x86)\SmarterTools\SmarterMail\Service\bayes.dat and bayes_default.dat, then restart the service.
Bruce, yes, we also get calls from users saying, "I didn't get my e-mail, what have you done with it?" So I'm really curious if you've found a way to turn off Block Sender which permanently deletes messages.

Not sure why this option even exists because spammers do not re-use email addresses and legit email should be unsubscribed. See my suggestions here:

Hi Rod,

I've followed these instructions but my bayes_default.dat is 0bytes and hasn't changed for a week.

Any clues as to what to do next?
deleting bayes.dat and bayes_default.dat didn't sound like a good idea to me so I replaced them with the original copies from a fresh SM installation. We no longer have the issue where 99% of email is flagged by bayesian filter.

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