SmarterTrack, Shared Server (e.g. WinHost), Database Setup
Question asked by david stemkoski - July 2, 2016 at 2:25 PM
Hi All
I cant find or am not clear on how to setup a database for SmarterTrack in a Shared Server environment. Any help is appreciated.
Thanks, Dave 
My comment on the "Set Up the Database for Shared Hosting" documentation page.
Subject Line: The "Set Up the Database for Shared Hosting" documentation page seems incomplete.
1. You identify tools to create a database- good.
2. You say to create a user that has Database Owner (DBO) privileges over the new database, I will use the default (sa) - good.
3. You identify the database should be created in Mixed-Mode Authentication - good.
Okay the SmarterDB is created - awesome.
q-1) Where is the "setup" information that tells me where to place the SmarterDB and how to access it from your application?
I did not see this information in the next step "Installing SmarterTrack on a Shared Server".
Please help me with a pointer or additional information.
Thanks and Happy 4th of July weekend,

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