Database Setup Fails During Installation/Upgrade


While installing or upgrading SmarterTrack, the Database Setup fails with a .NET exception. Often times, the accompanying error message is: An object with the name "st_AgentChatMessages" already exists in the database.


In many cases, we've found that this issue is caused by having a .NET language pack installed on the server. To complete the installation or upgrade, you must first uninstall the .NET language pack. Then, stop and start the SmarterTrack IIS application pool. After refreshing the browser, you'll be directed to the SmarterTrack setup wizard (if you're performing a new installation) or the SmarterTrack login page (if you're performing an upgrade). 

If this does not resolve the issue, or if you do not have a .NET language pack installed, please contact the SmarterTools Support Department for further assistance.